Little Red

Coffee Roasting Machine

Little Red

Living the slow life amongst the vines, ‘little red’ is at the heartbeat of every small batch of our fresh and lively roasted coffee beans. So who’s ‘little red’ and what does she stand for? She’s our beautiful little red coffee roaster all the way from Turkey who stands for all things small batch, handmade, pure and fresh, so of course she fits right in.

Living in the land of big reds, ‘little red’ takes care of the other spectrum of taste buds for the Barossa and beyond. Her hum and the aroma of roasting beans can be smelt rolling over the hills of Seppeltsfield, if you get your timing right!

You’ll find ‘little red’ proudly declaring the roast date on each and every bag of beans so you can see exactly how fresh they are. We’re all for enjoying them while they’re still breathing flavour and life. That’s the key. That’s the core of what we do.