Frankly my Dear…

This long weekend we took our first family holiday in our little vintage caravan… Many thought this little van was destined to become a coffee van, which did of course cross our minds, however because the concept of world domination doesn’t really float around here, the idea of a cute little holiday house won out… we chose spontaneous road trips, chats with the kids, colouring in, sand castles, computer and phone free time. Bliss on wheels! OK, so the first trip consisted mostly of don’t jump in the caravan, Oh my gosh I bumped my head on the window again, Man my back is sore from sleeping on that mattress┬Ł. You know Bliss on wheels!

Whoever knows us well knows that we are rather conservative, rather cautious types… The Breakfast Rave is probably the most risk we’ve played since buying ‘little red’, but the sweetness of this risk is what’s proven to us to follow our gut; follow our heart. So we followed! On a Friday afternoon we put our deposit down on this cute as pie piece of 1965 Franklin Vintage. Accidently found on ebay, purchased sight unseen. The wave of anxiety only lasted for a couple of hours until our hearts beat surfaced again. Weekend plans changed from drinks with the neighbours to map searching for Oodla Wirra; a 6 hour round trip from the Barossa that turned out to be 12 in the reality of vintage caravans and children. Paul learnt how to remove a pair of hydraulic breaks and I learnt how to cope with a leaking nappy down my shirt 5 hours from home. Best day ever! We think this van will bring us lots of these unexpected, messy, last minute opportunities to really experience simplicity and life together. Packing the van on a Friday night, doing the Barossa Farmers Market the next morning and heading off somewhere else for the rest of the weekend together… yep. That’s a plan.

And the caravan’s name? She will be known as “Frankly”. “Frankly my dear, let’s just go”… with perhaps a little extra padding next time!