People & planet friendly fulfilment

Our ‘People & Planet Friendly’ philosophy also includes leading a life that is fulfilling and sprinkled with personal joys and passions. We often say our business model is set up around mental health, given that we are a home based business it’s always top of mind. So even though we are busy, we are busy doing things that bring us alive and challenge us to be better versions of ourselves, and adding in our personal pursuits is all part of the picture.

On Saturday Paul found himself pressing his annual half tonne of Shiraz from our vineyard with the girls after previous weekends were spent picking, crushing and fermenting the fruit, and I spent a whole day pottering with a paint brush, working towards a coming exhibition. Nothing out of the ordinary for us, but one of those lovely ordinary days that provided solid reflection on the choices we’ve made that work for us and our family. A lovely reminder to us both of the importance of following our own path in life and in business, and enjoying the essence of our choices.

June 2017 will mark 7 years of BCR, and even though we have grown this business from scratch, it often feels more like this business has “grown us”.  J