Welcome to our website!

Welcome, welcome! With big smiles on our faces we are super excited to open the doors of our new website! Our beautiful little holding page has been literally holding the fort for 2 years now. We’ve been chugging along behind the scenes with our very patient and very understanding Designer, Jacqui from Studio Popsicle, waiting in the wings whenever a burst of energy and spare moment presented itself! When we started this little coffee roasting adventure we told ourselves we were going to let it grow organically, no pushing, just letting it grow as it may with our philosophies and family time as the riverbanks, and boy did we mean it! So here we are; 2 years later with one shiny new website to share our story and open our beans up to a whole new world. Now, you’ll notice we still have newspaper stuck to the windows of our online store…. won’t be long we promise. In the meantime drop us an email to order your beans the ‘kind of’ old fashioned way and we’ll let you know what origins are rolling through ‘little red’. Be sure to get your order in by 4pm on Tuesdays so that we can roast and post your smelly little package within the same week – super fresh! Just the way we like it!