We’ve built a Mandala!

We’re getting vegies in the ground and into our families bellies any way we can! A Kombucha, fresh vegetable juice and a morning coffee is how we roll around here – even better if the juice can come from our own home grown! It’s no secret we have pretty busy lives going on out here with the Coffee Roasting, the Vineyard, The Breakfast Rave’s, Paul’s day job and our two girls of 3 years and 19months! We often get asked how we manage and how we find the time and energy. Well, we can tell you firstly, it’s amazing how much time you can find when you don’t watch the telly anymore (except for a good dose of iView here and there), and as for the energy, well it comes down wholesome eating and choosing to do the things we’re passionate about and leaving the rest…oh and lots of juice! We’re constantly rebalancing things when we start to feel a little too busy, but the garden has become a constant pulse around here. We’re hoping one day to have our Mandala on such an abundant crop rotation that we have enough to share from our trestle at the Farmers Market each Saturday morning… yep another project! Pop it on the list!