Barossa Trust Mark

We are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a Barossa Trust Mark licence for our Roasted Coffee Beans, joining the fine list of “Keepers of the Barossa Promise”! We’re thrilled to be recognised for our high standard of care, authenticity and quality of product. Chairman of the Adjudication Panel, well-known wine marketing professional […]


Barossa Living

Our little coffee adventure was beautifully captured recently through the words of Tess Fisher and the eye of Martin Ritzmann for Barossa Living Magazine, a glossy wonder that captures stories and shares the joys of the Barossa region. Consider this permission for feet up and favourite coffee in hand!  Read Article Here


It’s about time…

Hello! We’ve just updated website with a lovely little spring clean and it’s now live. Along with working behind the scenes on this, our designer Jacqui, from BrandOasis, has been on our case about doing a blog… for years! So Jacqui… this one’s for you! So it’s clearly been a while since we’ve blogged about our goings […]

Almond milk

Almond Milk our Hero!

It’s been a few weeks now since the Full Moon Farmers Market, an entirely plant based, whole food gathering lovingly created by our friend Cherie of Scullery Made Tea. Certainly one of the most unique and beautiful experiences we have been a part of, and after eight Breakfast Raves that’s saying something! The ultimate philosophy […]


Home Dug

A catch up with the Breakfast Rave team always calls for a dish crafted of home grown. So an overdue patch of potatoes to be dug and an overflowing kale plant from the Mandala veggie patch became a potato salad to share over a planning session for the next Rave in April. Perfect! The coolest […]


Frankly my Dear…

This long weekend we took our first family holiday in our little vintage caravan… Many thought this little van was destined to become a coffee van, which did of course cross our minds, however because the concept of world domination doesn’t really float around here, the idea of a cute little holiday house won out… […]


Welcome to our website!

Welcome, welcome! With big smiles on our faces we are super excited to open the doors of our new website! Our beautiful little holding page has been literally holding the fort for 2 years now. We’ve been chugging along behind the scenes with our very patient and very understanding Designer, Jacqui from Studio Popsicle, waiting […]