Barossa Trust Mark

We are so thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a Barossa Trust Mark licence for our Roasted Coffee Beans, joining the fine list of “Keepers of the Barossa Promise”! We’re thrilled to be recognised for our high standard of care, authenticity and quality of product.

Chairman of the Adjudication Panel, well-known wine marketing professional and creative director of Tasting Australia Paul Henry shared “The Barossa Trust Mark holders are seen as keepers of Barossa ‘promise’– with promise interpreted as both a solemn, honest oath, as well as a sense of future potential. The high standard and the strict adjudication process mean it is a promise on which consumers and visitors can rely.”

The Barossa Trust Mark is founded on five value pillars: 

Origin – our sense of place

Integrity – our sense of purpose

Quality – our sense of ambition

Environment – our sense of responsibility

Community – our sense of belonging

Granted under licence, the Trust Mark is awarded to Barossan products and experiences that demonstrate exemplary achievement and distinction across these five areas of value creation. Trust Mark holders have a deep commitment to these values.

The Barossa Trust Mark is your assurance that the food, wine or tourism offering you are choosing is one that meets a standard of excellence, on which you can rely.

Congratulations to all other recipients. We’re certainly honoured to be in such a fine line up of passionate contributors to our beloved Barossa. Thank you also to all our lovely Barossa Coffee Roasters drinkers out there, we value so much the warm support you’ve shown us over the last 6 years.

Read more about the Barossa Trust Mark announcement in the link HERE.