Barossa Vintage Festival Fun!

What an incredible week we’ve had for the Barossa Vintage Festival, serving coffee out and about in our beloved Barossa, running into many of our lovely customers as well as meeting new ones. Thanks for coming along and helping us celebrate all the goodness that our region has to offer!

Everything has been put on hold for a couple of weeks here at home and in the business to make this happen, and I’m sure we’re not the only ones! It takes a lot of effort for local food businesses to show up at event after event, taking a leap of faith and a good old guesstimate at how much product to prepare, then show up with smiles wide regardless of the outcome; which is what we really love about this place! We’ve so appreciated seeing many of our fellow food driven colleges out there under tents, taking a punt with us, sharing the food culture that we are so blessed to thrive in!

Congrats to the Vintage Festival team for a beautiful, relevant and exciting event. It’s a drill down, note improvements and celebrate with feet up kind of day today, and as for the next one? There’s a local joke that there’s a reason the Festival is only every 2 years, as it’s just enough time to forget how much effort it takes to make it happen, ensuring everyone puts their hand up again the next time around! Love our Barossa! We’re sure to do it all over again in 2 years!
…until then, we’ve got some catching up to do!!