Waste has been a huge topic of late, and rightly so, we all need to play our part. If you’ve spotted our new bag look recently with an upgrade of our label design, you may have noticed our little red seals declaring biodegradable compostable bags.

We don’t believe in wars, we believe in building bridges and being a part of a holistic solution by the choices we make as a business. This is why we choose to use COMPOSTABLE COFFEE BAGS in our 200g, 500g and 1kg coffee range.

We’ve been sharing our coffee with you in our COMPOSTABLE BAGS for some years now, the first back in 2013. Our bags are made of plants, including the glue that holds the kraft outer layer to the bio-foil barrier liner, right down to the one way valve and seal. Our bags fall under the European standard EN13432 for biodegradable compostable products, meaning they are approved for and breakdown in commercial composting facilities. Our bags will also breakdown in landfill over a slightly longer period of time, and more importantly do not leech heavy metals or micro plastics into our environment.

You can pop your used COMPOSTABLE BCR coffee bags as well as your BioPak COMPOSTABLE BCR takeaway cups and lids, into your own home compost if you have a large and healthy system, or into your green waste council bin to feed into the composting stream (via ‘Kuchels’ and ‘Jeffries’ for our green waste here in the Barossa), or into your general waste bin which will still breakdown in landfill and return to the earth without trace.

‘Jeffries’ most recent Blog is all about certified compostable packaging here in Australia. Please take the time for this 1 minute read to familiarise yourself with compostable choices, when reusable choices are not present.