A huge thank you to our coffee community out there! We have been roasting as usual from our Roastery in the vines here in the Barossa throughout the challenges of COVID-19 since the beginning of March. As a small family business we are incredibly grateful for your support and have loved roasting warm, calm and comforting cups for you and your family throughout this time. We hope you are all safe and well.

Although the COVID-19 challenges are not behind us here in Australia, we are so incredibly grateful for the position the nation is in, particularly here in South Australia where cases have been incredibly low. Only a couple of months ago the outlook was dire given the news from overseas, and we are now in a position where things are currently stable in our own patch of the world. No one knows what is ahead so we remain aware and continue to practice safety and hygiene. Through this time we have needed to pause on removing stock off the supermarket shelf at 4 weeks old and look forward to when we can get this back to normal, and feed this coffee out to community groups once again. In all other regards we have been able to maintain our usual high standard.

For us as a family the last 2 months have very much been about the slow and connected. As we stayed home together, our girls home from school, Paul working his HR day job from home, and Janelle bringing her Art Studio home, we have had many slow quiet moments together to be so grateful for. We soaked in some misty sunrises, cooked a lot, tended to our vegetable garden which is back thriving with our daily attention, and unplanned undirected moments filled our girls days, just like when we were kids. This family time has been so incredibly precious and we look back on our almost 10 years in business and can’t help but feel extremely grateful for our boutique “people planet friendly’ business model that allows for all of this to exist amongst coffee roasting in challenging times. A perfect visual for this slow and connected feeling is this stunning short film thanks to SATV ‘State of Relaxation’ series which balances the current anxieties beautifully. The film takes you on a glorious virtual drive through the Seppeltsfield Palms in our own back yard here in the Seppeltsfield village, a road we drive every day and the feeling of doing so is captured so well. Enjoy. Your nervous system will thank you.

So now that our girls are back at school and we begin ramping up roasting again for our cafe, winery and restaurant partners who have begun to open again, we steadily walk into the unknown new normal that is ahead. We look forward to our region slowly waking up to welcome visitors once again, with State borders closed and COVID on everyone’s mind, it’s such a perfect opportunity for South Australians to jump in their cars and explore their own backyard. If the slow film above is not enough to inspire you, grab a cuppa and read through this offering by locals of fantastic Barossa Itineraries┬áto inspire planning for your next road trip to the Barossa.

Thank you for continuing to choose our coffee as warm company as you navigate your own changes and adjustments in your life over this time. May we all embrace the opportunity that this time is offering each of us individually.

Be safe.

Paul and Janelle Amos

Image: Morning April sunrise over our vineyard in front of the Roastery.