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A Nespresso® Compatible Compostable Biodegradable Capsule.
We’ve spent the past 18 months testing and tweaking our capsules to create an offering that we are  proud of, filled to the brim with environmental credibility and a refinement of flavour that speaks of our signature roasting style,  unlike any capsule on the shelf.
Released to our wonderful local Barossa coffee community 2 months ago, we’re thrilled to be a part of shifting perceptions of capsule coffee from an environmental angle as well as TASTE!! No unpleasant ashy and carbon characters in sight!
Three origins to choose from, each with their own goodness to offer:
Ethiopia Biftu Gudina… 
One of three varieties to choose from, we proudly introduce the Ethiopia Biftu Gudina.
Enjoyed black as a long pour, this coffee comes into it’s own as a filter style brew, highlighting the citrus tones of the cup. Pour short over hot water for a little more body as an elegant lingering long black. Or a dash of milk is proving to hit just the spot!

Mexican Fairtrade Organic…
The staple and the crowd pleaser, the Mexican Fairtrade Organic has been with us from the start. A solid favourite amongst local home coffee lovers, offices, restaurants and cafes alike, this bean was always going to kick off this capsule journey with us. Designed to enjoy white where the sweet finish will linger happily until your next brew.
Decaf Peru Fairtrade Organic…
Decaf drinkers rejoice! The Decaf Peru Fairtrade Organic is a crowd pleaser any which way,  white or black, and will forever put to rest the debate if ‘decaf is worthy’. We’re here to tell you it is! With Fairtrade Organic & Swiss Water Process credentials, this is a cup of pure deliciousness… anytime of the day or night.
Find out more, including brewing tips and environmental cred here, and experience our capsules for yourself, available for mail order now from our online shop.