Ethiopia Compostable Capsule 12 Pk


    Nespresso® Compatible 12 x 6g Capsules

    NOSE:              Vibrant & floral

    PALATE:          Full bodied, peach, brown sugar, molasses, chocolate, malic acidity

    Country:   Ethiopia

    Region:  Oromia

    Altitude:   1600-2100 MASL

    Species:  Arabic, Heirlooms

    Process:  Fermentum Naturalis

    Score:  87 (Q Grade Score)

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    Compostable Coffee Capsules according to EN 13432

    A compostable product is one that can be degraded biologically with other organic waste in individual or industrial compost, without release of toxic products, but leave nutrients for new crops.
    EN13432 standard, a harmonized European standard published in 2000, defines and frames the characteristics of packaging and recyclable products through biodegradation and composting. The requirements of the EN13432 standard for biodegradable and compostable products are mainly reflected in four aspects:

    • Biodegradation: 90% biodegradation in less than two months to be achieved
    • Disintegration: fragmentation and complete loss of visibility in the final compost
    • Composition: A maximum rate defined volatile solids, heavy metals must be respected
    • Ecotoxicity: The quality of the compost should not be changed and the residue should not be toxic to the environment.


    Ethiopia GUIJ Metekoma Naturalis G1

    Guji zone is one of the areas of the Oromia region named after a tribe of the Oromo people, bordered to the south by Borena, to the west by the Region of Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of the South, to the north by the Ganale River Dorya that separates it from Bale and to the east with the Somali region.

    The subtle variations in growing conditions within Ethiopia’s Guji Zone yield so many unique profiles, it could be considered a country of its own.

    This region located at between 1600 and 2100 metres above sea level, has a rainfall ratio 1500-2000mm of rain, its soil is red brown, well drained fertile clay soil. Here only the ripest cherries are harvested and dried on raised beds, taking anywhere from 8– 20 days, depending on the amount of sunshine available and the rate of moisture loss.

    Fermentum Naturalis is an aerobic fermentation, done directly on the drying beds, raw, floated and rinsed coffee cherries are inoculated with our microorganism consortium to enhance the most desired flavour and aroma, it is left drying until the desired moisture content is reached.