Guatemala Huehuetenango Todosanterita


  • Nose:
    Floral & fruity
  • Palate:
    Bright silky tropical orange acidity with sweet toffee, caramel & hazelnut
  • Vintage:

Country:   Guatemala

Region:  Huehuetenango

Co-op:   Todosanterita Cooperative

Altitude:  1350-1650 MASL

Process:  Fully Washed

Cupping score: 83


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The Todosanterita cooperative itself was founded in the mid-1980s by about 20 or so members who had up until then been migrant indigenous workers in coffee and other farming activities (in fact, Basilio’s parents were migrant potato farmers prior to settling in the area and joining the cooperative).

Today they have (at last count) 131 members of which 16 are women heads of household, and as a cooperative their combined annual production is equivalent to over 5500 x 69kg sacks, or 20 containers.


200g, 500g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Stovetop, Ground for Filter, Ground for Plunger


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