Mexican Fairtrade Organic Compostable Capsule 12 Pk


    Nespresso® Compatible 12 x 6g Capsules

    Mexican Fairtrade Organic CHIAPAS HG – ACC Co-op.

    Nose:  Soft, sweet & nutty

    Palate:   Juicy & fresh, limey acidity, long sweet toffee finish

    Country:   Mexico

    Region:  Chiapas

    Altitude:   1200-1800 MASL

    Varietal:   Arabica

    Process:   Washed, Sun Dried

    Grade:   Strictly High Grown Preparation

    Certification: Fairtrade & Organic

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    Compostable Coffee Capsules according to EN 13432

    A compostable product is one that can be degraded biologically with other organic waste in individual or industrial compost, without release of toxic products, but leave nutrients for new crops.
    EN13432 standard, a harmonized European standard published in 2000, defines and frames the characteristics of packaging and recyclable products through biodegradation and composting. The requirements of the EN13432 standard for biodegradable and compostable products are mainly reflected in four aspects:

    • Biodegradation: 90% biodegradation in less than two months to be achieved
    • Disintegration: fragmentation and complete loss of visibility in the final compost
    • Composition: A maximum rate defined volatile solids, heavy metals must be respected
    • Ecotoxicity: The quality of the compost should not be changed and the residue should not be toxic to the environment.


    Mexican Fairtrade Organic CHIAPAS HG – ACC Co-op.

    Agropecuaria de los altos de Chiapas Cooperative (ACC) started in 2010 and has a presence in 14 municipalities in the state of Chiapas. In 2020 the coop had over 1000 producers in its register of partners, of which 460 were certified organic producers and the rest were in conversion. All producer partners participate in the Fairtrade program.

    Harvest usually runs between November and April. The coffee is pulped, fermented in tanks, washed with clean water and dried on the patios in the sun until the parchment reaches an average humidity of 12%.

    Through the organic production training program, AAC teach producers how to care for the environment, as well as preventative measures for the contamination of water sources and composting. The program also focuses on promoting the sustainability of local flora and fauna.