Uganda Organic Bugisu Semi Washed Gr1


  • Nose:
    glace orange & raisin
  • Palate:
    smooth body of blackcurrant & orange, stone fruit acidity & walnut cocoa lingering finish
  • Vintage:

Country:  Uganda

Region:  Eastern Mbale District

Altitude:  1300 – 1900 MASL

Varietal:  Arabica – Typica, SL14, SL28 & Bugishu

Process:  Semi Washed

Q-Grade:  Cupping Score 82


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Bugisu is a region in eastern Uganda where the coffee is grown in rich volcanic soils on the slopes of Mt Elgon at various altitudes between 1300 and 1900 masl.

The locals believe god lives on Mt. Elgon far beyond where people venture and that when he is happy, he delivers rain to the bountiful gardens clinging to the mountainside.

Uganda is the 7th largest coffee growing country in the world, quite a thing for its size. In the past Uganda was mostly known mostly for its Robusta, however this region also prides some high quality Arabica offerings, the Bugisu Semi Washed Grade 1 being one of them.

Coffee is the leading sector of the Uganda economy, with approximately 3.5 million families linked directly or indirectly to the industry. The average farm size is 0.5 to 2.5 hectares, cropped by smallholder farming families, practicing intercropping to improve coffee quality, care of the environment and fostering income diversification.


200g, 500g, 1kg


Whole Bean, Ground for Espresso, Ground for Stovetop, Ground for Filter, Ground for Plunger


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