Sustainable Coffee Roasters


At the core of our business philosophy is the term “People and Planet Friendly”; a lighthouse for every decision and practice in our business and lifestyle. Green beans, packaging, coffee cups, solar power, waste disposal, partnering relationships and indeed the relationship between our business and our family life all deserve a sustainable way of being. A beautifully simple way to operate.

We choose to roast beans with ‘Organic’ or ‘Fairtrade’ certifications as well as beans that we term ‘Relationship Coffees’ where the Farmer’s smile is as big as ours, traceable back to the very family and farm at source. We believe this integrity and transparency translates to your tastebuds as well as the conscious choice in your cup.

The Breakfast Rave

You’ll find a whole lot of “People and Planet Friendly” running through the heart of our pop up cafe “The Breakfast Rave” that we run with some likeminded friends. A common vision of a local, sustainable, Fairtrade breakfast popping up in iconic locations around the Barossa. A fully compostable event, celebrating the handmade and heartfelt with a good dose of fresh, unprocessed, wholefood goodness served up on every compostable plate. Along with a warm heart, veggie seedlings make their way home with you, grown in the compost from the previous Rave.
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