Community Pie Colab

We’re collaborating with The Greenock for this months “Community Pie”. Introducing the Coffee Rubbed Steak Pie with Cascara Syrup!

The Community Pie Project is the love project for the crew at The Greenock, running for 2 years so far and still going strong! Collaborators from the Barossa region are inspired to come up with a pie of their own, and well, what else would we include but coffee! Sounds strange, but coffee is a wonderful tenderiser of meat due to the acidity, so it was always going to be steak. We’ve also teamed it with a sweet Cascara syrup, to cut through the little zing of chilli in the coffee rub spice mix. Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry.

Each Pie collaboration also acts as a community fundraiser, with a chosen charity receiving a portion of all sales. We have chosen Kind Hearted Kitchen as our charity, a local grass roots, ‘in their spare time’ organisation, run by local Mums Ruby and Rachel. They have regular cook ups run by local volunteers, to make family meals from local donations of food. Freezers are filled all over the region and can be called upon at a moments notice, no questions asked. A home cooked meal available for anyone who may be experiencing hardship, sickness or any level of suffering. Heart warming.

Pop in to The Greenock for a try of the Coffee Rubbed Steak Pie while it’s still on the menu!