It’s about time…

Hello! We’ve just updated website with a lovely little spring clean and it’s now live. Along with working behind the scenes on this, our designer Jacqui, from BrandOasis, has been on our case about doing a blog… for years! So Jacqui… this one’s for you!

So it’s clearly been a while since we’ve blogged about our goings on about the place; probably because there’s been so much going on about the place! We’ve had a couple of Vintages, a couple of Breakfast Raves, the family are a couple of years older including BCR; turning 5 back in June! We’ve also welcomed a new buddy for ‘little red’ so that ‘little red’ can get back to the amount of sleep she was comfortable with some years ago… gold!

So here we are now, Spring 2015 has arrived, the vines are bursting with new shoots, the family of roos are back and roasting nights are becoming more and more delicious with cool nights following the warmer days. It’s the time of the year for things to come back to life; our blog shouts a cheer!

Welcome back to our blog. We’re looking forward to sharing our joy some more with you here… we promise Jacqui! ;).