Oh man! We love a Farmers Market!

Our weekly tradition prior to the coffee thing was to shop and feast from the Barossa Farmers Market every Saturday morning filling our basket with products grown or made in local’s homes. We dreamed of what we could share ourselves one day from the Market, and the visit filled us up for the week with a massive dose of community spirit! Sounds naff but it’s so real. Markets have a way of breathing this stuff into us! Farmers Markets are always on the priority list when we travel away, it gives us a real sense of the community pulse in any given area; something about eating food grown from the earth that you are visiting at that time, and handcrafted goodies by the people that live on that earth. So, discovering our common love for fresh coffee, it feels so great now that we have our own little market stall, coffee bean shop (albeit some old fruit crates on a trestle) with our own handcrafted and our feet firmly planted in this earth… really great! Our lives have been nourished with more than just the food and the coffee; sharing what we love, new friendships, one on one chats with our customers and a far greater respect for the earth and the people that walk on it. Who would have thought that a basket of handpicked radishes and handmade sourdough could be so powerful! We hope to see you at the Barossa Farmers Market sometime soon. Barossa Farmers Market, every Saturday morning 7:30am – 11:30am. Corner of Stockwell and Nuriootpa Roads.