Composting Capsules

Compostable Biodegradable Capsules

We’ve introduced Nespresso® compatible Capsules to our range. If we were ever going to do it, it was only going to be this way. 100% Biobased, 100% Biodegradable, 100% Compostable.

It’s no secret there is a collective concern over waste created by coffee capsules. We believe in building bridges rather than throwing stones, so we have taken action to ‘be a part of the solution’ by offering our coffee in a compostable capsule alternative that is kinder to the environment.

We’ve been busy testing and tweaking over the past 18 months to create a capsule that we are proud of, filled to the brim with environmental credibility and a refinement of flavour that speaks of our signature roasting style.

We see this product as a bridge, for those who love the capsule brewing method but want to make a better environmental choice and access beautiful high grade coffee using capsules. Our core bean product remains the same as always, inspiring the capsule range which begins with 3 origin offerings, the Mexican Fairtrade Organic, Ethiopian Biftu Gudina and Decaf Peru Fairtrade Organic.


We’ve shared some brewing tips and frequently asked questions below outlining compostable credibility and disposal info, and some pro tips to ensure you get the very best out of your investment in a great coffee experience at home.

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The benefit of the capsule brewing method is it’s clean, no fuss, consistent and above all convenient. We wanted to make it better and add exceptional taste and flavour to that list, extracting the beauty of our high grade coffee for capsule drinkers. The Nespresso® machine is able to create incredible results with our compostable capsules with a little extra effort outlined in the brewing tips below.

Program your Machine:

Most Nespresso® machines have instructions in the manual to program the pour time. Please refer to the manual of your machine or follow the instructions below to adjust the factory settings to our recommended pour times.

Espresso (short pour): 25g beverage weight

Lungo (long pour): 60g beverage weight

To programme following these 6 steps:

  1. Place a set of digital scales under the spout of your machine and place a cup onto the scales.
  2. Reset the scales to zero.
  3. Place the compostable capsule into the machine as normal.
  4. Press and hold down the short pour button to start the machine.
  5. Release the button when the beverage reaches 25g.
  6. For the long pour, repeat the above steps from 1-5 selecting the long pour button instead, and release the button when the beverage reaches 60g. The short and long pour buttons are now set to the correct beverage weights.

Flush your machine:

Ensure you flush your machine prior to brewing a capsule by selecting a short pour without a capsule. This will eliminate stale coffee from previous brews. Do so again after pouring a capsule to minimise oil build up which impacts flavour outcome.

Shake your Capsule before use:

Even extraction and flow is essential for great results, so give each capsule a shake before use to disperse the coffee grinds inside.


Our compostable capsules are wrapped in a nitrogen flushed barrier proof package. Only open the packet just prior to use for best flavour results, as exposure to the air will cause the coffee to go stale faster.

Water Quality:

Water makes an immense impact on the final outcome of your cup, after all a cup of coffee is more than 90% water. Our capsules are designed using reverse osmosis water (pure water) that has had the correct minerals added to create an exceptional flavour profile. This is why we recommend and encourage you to go the distance when it comes to water quality so that your coffee doesn’t taste flat and lifeless. This will also assist in minimising scale build up in your machine. We recommend filtering your water using a BRITA water jug, or similar filter tap water as a minimum. Alternatively, for the best water, use distilled water and re-mineralise with the correct ratio of minerals (Third Wave Water for example) available from our online shop soon.


Our capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines, apart from the commercial and built in models. The machines we test on and recommend for consistent results are the Expert Auto, Pixi, Citiz, Creatista, Latissima, U Solo and Inissia.




We see this product as a bridge, for those who love the capsule brewing method but want to make a better environmental choice and access beautiful high grade coffee using capsules.

Our customers have been asking us to offer capsules for years, and now that the compostable technology is available in Australia, we’re stepping up and adding this product to our coffee range after a pursuit of perfecting trials for the past 18 months.

Our vision for this addition to our offering is to provide a compostable choice and play a part in the solution to the coffee capsule waste issue.  Much like our compostable bags that deliver our beans to your home, we consider these compostable options ‘good value’ when it comes to the bigger picture of our planet and our social responsibility as business owners.

What about our coffee bean product?

Nothing changes for our coffee beans; they just have a new cousin along for the ride!

What are the capsules made from?

Made from a patented plant based composite, our capsules are compostable biodegradable according to EN13432 standard* and are fully derived from renewable resources.

*Compostable Coffee Pods according to EN 13432:  A compostable product is one that can be degraded biologically with other organic waste in individual or industrial compost without release of toxic products, but leave nutrient for new crops. EN13432 standard, a harmonized European standard published in 2000, defines and frames the characteristics of packaging and recyclable products through biodegradation and composting. The requirements of the EN13432 standard for biodegradable and compostable products are mainly reflected in four aspects:

  • Biodegradation: 90% biodegradation in less than two months to be achieved
  • Disintegration: fragmentation and complete loss of visibility in the final compost
  • Composition: A maximum rate defined volatile solids, heavy metals must be respected
  • Ecotoxicity: The quality of the compost should not be changed and the residue should not be toxic to the environment.

How do I dispose of the capsules after use?

Our capsule will break down in less than 180 days in industrial compost. Dispose of your capsules via your Council green waste bin, to access the commercial composting stream and be made into usable compost. Both Solo Resource Recovery and Jeffries accept compostable packaging with the EN13432 code in their composting stream. In the local Barossa area, we have spoken to both Solo and Jeffries who accept these compliant products (EN13432) within their waste stream.

Jeffries have a great blog about compliance here.

Compostable capsules disposed of in your general waste bin will still biodegrade in landfill, just over a longer period of time, however will not leave toxic residue.

The capsules require the heat and microbial conditions of a commercial facility to breakdown, so your home compost will not successfully compost your capsules.

What is the capsule wrapped in and why?

Due to the nature of the biodegradable and compostable material, the capsules must be wrapped in a nitrogen flushed sleeve to maintain the integrity and quality of the coffee. This outer packet is currently standard plastic, and will very soon transition to a plant based compostable film when the technology is available. Technology moves fast in this arena, but we didn’t want to wait to begin making an impact. In the meantime, dispose of this wrapper in your general waste.

Is it normal for capsules to sometime not eject properly?

Yes, it does happen sometimes. it’s normal especially when the machine has made many coffees in a row and is quite warm. Simply push the capsule through to the eject chamber before continuing.

What is in the capsules?

Six grams of coffee to be exact, but not just any old coffee. We’re very excited to deliver our high grade, traceable coffee choice to capsule drinkers.  We have always selected our beans based on our ‘People and Planet Friendly’ philosophy, and as grape growers we feel the benefits of living on the land, striving for a high grade crop, and being paid fairly for our grape harvest each vintage. Why would we wish any different for a coffee growing family on the other side of the planet? That’s why our coffees are sourced either through farmer direct, fair-trade or organic sources. Our most exciting coffee offerings come from traceable farms and families who are taken care of beyond the price of their crop, allowing them to improve and reinvest into machinery, farming practices and quality of life.