AeroPress + Rhinowares Hand Grinder + Fresh Coffee


  • An AeroPress & Rhinowears Hand Grinder, teamed up with a 200g bag of freshly roasted Barossa Coffee Roasters beans. A stunning way to enjoy your daily cup.

1 x AeroPress

1 x Rhinowares Hand Grinder

1 x 200g bag of Barossa Coffee Roasters beans from the weeks fresh roast (please request an origin in notes if you are after a specific bean). 

Those in the know are hooked on the AeroPress brewing method. Great for travelling or the office or even at home, the AeroPress brew is spot on every time. Teamed with the Rhinowares Hand Grinder complete with AeroPress adapter, a perfect brew is always at hand.

Simple, clean, low fi and tastes amazing!

The perfect gift for a coffee lover.


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